Why Flux?

Perhaps the hardest lesson to learn is that nothing is static.  I grew up expecting everything to remain the same, no matter how much I changed.  Of course, it took a lot to realize that if I can change, so can everything else.  The only real truth about the world, as I see it, is that everything and every individual is always changing.  We’re never done, we never become a final version of ourselves that lasts forever after.  Maybe the changes we undergo happen more slowly as we get older, or maybe they don’t, but we never stop developing into someone a little more than we were before.

My greatest joy in life is watching myself transform.  It doesn’t happen in a moment (usually), and sometimes it’s hard to spot the things that become catalysts in our lives except in retrospect.  This blog is an effort to reflect on my life as it happens, to keep tabs on myself, so that I can appreciate the subtle shifts in the world and in my perspective.  I’m a believer in constantly revising ourselves, honing, making ourselves sharper and keener and closer to whatever we’re aiming for.  Maybe this blog will help to hold me accountable for that.


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