Turn and face the strange…

January 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Oh man, I love David Bowie.

But also I am in a reflective mood and have just made a fascinating discovery about myself.  No, I can’t regrow limbs or anything awesome like that (nor is Milo Ventimiglia my uncle).  But I can live without a plan, and, in fact, I prefer it that way.

A few years ago, I had a pretty solid life plan.  It involved college, grad school, and a career, among other things.  It did not involve taking a year off after college to change my mind a thousand times about grad school, but somehow that year happened.  And since that year, a lot of other unplanned things have happened.  I like to refer to these unplanned things as “life.”  That’s right. Life happened.

And that’s precisely what’s so great.  Living a plan is not living.  Ok, sure, it’s good to plan out how you’re going to pay your bills and so on, but having a strict, long-term life plan is just plain boring, not to mention that it’s totally unrealistic.  Living without a plan, on the other hand, is fabulous.

I’m currently in the process of job hunting because of my impending graduation from graduate school.  Imagine, if you will, the feelings of terror and glee vying for control of my brain.  Then imagine that I spent a month hyperventilating because I’m 90% sure I will not find a full-time job in a timely manner.  Then imagine that, over the course of a few days and some serious sense-talking from helpful others, I realized that everything will be fine.  Because I’m employable, for one, but also because if I don’t find something right this second, something even better will come along after, something that I would otherwise not have been able to take advantage of.

Hey, life! Bring it.


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