Pip pip and tally ho.

December 19, 2011 § 2 Comments

Life is crazy shiz sometimes, folks.  November was total insanity from start to finish, as were the first few days of December. As a matter of actual fact, I started writing this post nearly a month ago, and have been so neglectful that I’m only now getting around to finishing it (after adding and editing about once a week in the mean time).  That is how crazy my life is. And how bad I am at remembering things and/or completing tasks I begin.  IRREGARDLESS (do you see what I did there?), I am now officially done with the fall semester and happily enjoying my first few days of winter break.  Over the next few weeks, I anticipate sleeping as much as I want and doing brainless fun things and socializing and probably sleeping some more and maybe baking and practicing how to write run-on sentences. Oh man. OH MAN, I cannot wait.


1. My former roommate (from the year I spent pretending I wasn’t a pathological student) came to visit me here in the big ol’ citaaaay (we lived in the woods of New Hampshire in a town that was not a town in any recognizable way and LOVED it).  We went to see one of my favorite musicians, Mat Kearney, whom I forced this tolerant roommate to listen to so many times while we lived together that she actually came to believe she liked him, too.  He was performing at the Boston House of Blues.  It was a good show (he opened with one of my all-time-favorite of his songs and closed with my roomie’s), and my roomie and I had a blast dancing foolishly, singing foolishly, and texting each other foolishly.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t terribly engaged with the audience so it wasn’t that great of a show in some ways, but the goal (having fun) was heartily achieved.

Other activities of that weekend involved shopping extensively (but largely fruitlessly) at the Pru (I can call it that because I live here and sometimes like to role play by carrying a Starbucks coffee around while pretending to spend money) and along Newbury Street, eating large quantities of delicious foods, and hanging out at my favorite international cooking co-op whilst listening to tunes and literally discussing the ways in which we appreciate our lives and the world and the universe, etc.  This included a group Queen rock out session and an earnest assessment of what brings us joy.  If you don’t immediately understand why this remains one of my favorite evenings in recent memory, we have probably never met and probably never should.

2. I visited a place I used to live (when I lived with above roomie, if you care to connect the dots) and got to see a number of people whom I hold quite dear but rarely see.  The weekend involved some much needed catching up with a large number of former colleagues (who also happen to be treasured friends) –including a fellow blogger!– and a handful of people whom I count as my family.  You know how people say you can’t pick your family? WRONG. I did, and that’s them.

It was such a good visit!  I stayed with one of these people (whom I also formerly lived with but who is NOT the above mentioned roomie… just to confuse you), who introduced me to Zumba. Oh baby. My secret suspicions that I am the least coordinated human being alive and am not destined to ever dance in any capacity ever, ever, ever have been thoroughly confirmed.  But I had fun and burned lots of calories, two of my favorite things.  I also got to visit with my pseudo-parents, two of the greatest people alive.  I can honestly say I’m not sure where I’d be today without them (plus they always feed me… in this case giant, delicious cookies).  And last but not least, I spent an absolutely fantastic evening visiting with two more of my all-time-favorite people in the world (there is a very high concentration of such people in this region, as you may have noticed). This included visiting my favorite feline friends as well as a dinner full of hilarity. There is little better in this world than laughing heartily with people you love.

3. My dad came to visit me! We had a delightful time that included giraffes, a flock of sheep, and PHiZZ units.  If you think that makes sense, reassess your life. We attended the first ever OrigaMIT Convention. I can’t believe I just outed myself on the internet. That’s right, I FOLD PAPER. Get over it. We used to attend the OUSA annual convention in NYC, although we stopped doing that most of a decade ago.  This was a fun trip down memory lane and an interesting experiment in exploring the longevity of folding skills after years of neglect.  I like to think I haven’t lost my touch, although I didn’t practice my greatest party trick.*

This was followed by a rather delightful (and delicious) dinner at my favorite Indian restaurant in Harvard Square at which my father met a fellow I often spend time with (and to whom I apparently only refer with vague identifying phrases and who has once before made a cameo on this blog as the kindhearted soul who took me to the ER when my armpit tried to kill me).  It was splendid. We also drank John Harvard’s beer. Or something. I can’t really remember that part of the evening. Oh ho, I joke.

I’ve never before played host to a parent. It was mildly surreal, as it implies that I have a life of my own that is separate from my parents’ lives (not news) and that I am moving merrily along toward adulthood (breaking news).  I had a nasty shock a little while ago; I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror one day and actually did a double take because I thought I’d seen an adult woman in the room with me. An adult woman who looked just like me. Sweet baby Jesus, when did that happen?

4. Another landmark event (and traditional November activity for many an American) was Thanksgiving.  This was an event rife with anguish and confusion… or something like that.  In true Abby fashion, I made the decision not to invite above mentioned young man (to be referred to henceforth as L. for the sake of simplicity and because I’m running out of unique and long-winded monikers for each time I mention him) many weeks in advance of the event.  Fast forward to the Monday before Thanksgiving and voila, you see me doing what a wild Abby does in her native habitat: changing her mind.  Yes, that’s right folks, I invited this mysterious L. character to Thanksgiving with my family at the absolute last possible moment.  Why, you ask?  Because I’m lacking marbles, that’s why.

Anywhooo, also in attendance at this meal were my mother, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, niece, and Buddy the elf. Oh, family fun time!  First, we ate things. Then, we ate more things. Then L. and I made an apple pie (with invaluable help from the young ones). Then we ate some more.  Then L. charmed my niece and nephew. Then we ate some more. Then we watched Elf and all suffered from extreme danger of wetting ourselves. Then we ate more. And then we ate more. And then we ate more.  It was Thanksgiving, dammit.  Neuroses regarding decision making aside, it was quite nice.

And that, folks, was November. I guess there was also some school work in there somewhere (well, in theory anyway), but it made absolutely no impression on me whatsoever.  I will now refrain from making this a post dedicated to how much my program is not awesome. All in all, November was a pretty great month.  December started out slightly less awesome because my non-awesome program insisted on giving me totally-un-awesome finals.  But it hasn’t really been too bad and has really taken an upswing of late: school has successfully been put to rest for the semester, a significant portion of my Christmas shopping has been completed, and touristy adventures about town have been executed, including a trip to the Museum of Science and photo shoot at the Boston Public Library.  What more do you expect from a scientist and a librarian?

In sum: I still think my life is pretty rad. [Imagine a supreme sense of well-being and happiness.]  Until the start of the new year, I am willing myself to be blissfully unaware of my impending doom job search and graduation and am instead imagining all of the delights the upcoming semester and year might hold.  My intention is to ignore real life and do little other than sleep and pursue wintry delights for at least the next two weeks.  Huzzah, bring on the eggnog and carols! Pip pip and tally ho.

*I once folded a Flapping Bird out of 3-inch paper one-handed, left-handed (I’m a righty), behind my back. And flapped it. Mad skillz, yo.


§ 2 Responses to Pip pip and tally ho.

  • David says:

    It was almost as nice to read this post as it was to have lunch with you when you visited us all in the hinterland. And thanks for that linky love.

    I have not folded paper for some time and I wish to. Make it so. I still get very envious when I see the omega star on KB’s desk. It’s so freakin perfect.

    So, like, how is your job search going?

    • Abby says:

      Yo, David! I haven’t folded paper since November, so I’m afraid I’m not the person to encourage you this time around.

      Job searching is wildly depressing and stress-inducing. Life is sort of getting in the way of my career, in a manner of speaking. Which isn’t bad, just a bit tumultuous and confusing. But winter is on it’s way out, here in the city, so hope is returning.

      How’s things? Granddaughter still being a cutie pie?

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