Thank you, Billy Mack.

October 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

I have “Christmas is All Around” in my head. It’s not even a real song, nor is it Christmas time. All I can say is, thank you, Billy Mack.

It’s seriously begun to feel like fall.  This means that my highest priority in life is to wear sweaters and drink tea, preferably while curled up under blankets with an engrossing and delectable book.  Sadly, this one last fall of full-time studentdom won’t pause for my whimsy.  That aside, however, today is a wonderful day! The sun is bright, the air is crisp, and there’s that magical fall feeling.  You know the one.  Apples and pumpkins abound! I think it’s supposed to warm up again for a few days, but for the time being I’m reveling in the fall spirit.

Recently, I’ve been pretty busy with life, et cetera, but I’m beginning to blink my proverbial eyes and take a look around and … oops I missed September.  Really, where did it go?  Or where did I go, perhaps is the real question.  Either way, fall makes me wildly nostalgic for my little corner of central NH.  So many great people all in one tiny place! What a blessing it was to live there and be a part of such a wonderful little community.  I’d hoped to visit in August, but August disappeared like a rug tugged out from under my feet and I spent all of September tumbling after it. Now it’s October, and I barely know what to make of it.  I’m not complaining; I like that it’s suddenly wonderful October! I’m just struck dumb by the speed at which my life is moving. It’s great (I’m already a month through the semester! Huzzah!), but it’s also petrifying (I’m already a month closer to having to find full-time work…).  I’m really appreciating being a grad student lately, and I’m growing more and more reluctant for it to end.  I feel like a broken record; all I talk about it is loving being a grad student and hating getting older.  I am a walking cliche of mid-twenties life!  And proud of it.

Something about fall always feels like an adventure to me.  Maybe it’s because I associate it so strongly with the start of a new school year.  Either way, I feel like the world is ripe with discoveries just waiting to be made.  [In other news, I’m considering a career as a greeting card writer. Or maybe a writer of inspirational messages on tea bag tags.]


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