The end, and ramblings

June 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

I finally tore myself away from Stratford-upon-Avon today.  Last night I took the plunge and reserved a room in Salisbury for tonight, which meant that this morning I didn’t feel that I could tack on another day to my stay in Stratford.  I wanted to, but I was satisfied with everything I’d done an seen and felt that I wasn’t missing out on too much.  Still, I was sad to go.  I loved the town and loved my hotel (the owner was great, which makes all the difference).  If I had stayed today, I probably would have taken a day trip to Warwick to see the castle of the same name.  Alas, I ventured to Salisbury instead in the hopes of seeing Stonehenge.

Today has felt a bit like a reversion to the beginning of this adventure, although it’s the last day.  Due to an error in my reading skills, I thought there were hourly trains departing from Stratford and heading toward Salisbury, but as it turned out there was no 10:38 train.  There were 8-, 9-, 11-, 12-, 1-, etc. trains but none at 10:38.  It was, I believe, the only hour without one.  I didn’t realize this until about 10 o’clock, however, so I’d missed the earlier one and had to wait for the 11:38 train.  This meant that I was a bit later getting to Salisbury than I’d intended, and by the time I arrived it was pouring.  To be more specific, it began pouring at the moment of my arrival.  I swear, I do not make these things up; it really happened.  As the train pulled into the station and under the roofed area, drops began to splatter the last car (in which I was sitting).  The timing could not have been better had it been the Truman Show.  Wait, are you seeing this?  How many fingers am I holding up?

Not feeling hugely inspired to trek around Stonehenge and Old Sarum in the rain, I decided to go tomorrow morning, which is supposed to be clear for a few hours.  So I’ve spent the afternoon catching up on a few necessary tasks and mentally preparing myself for the end of my vacation and the start of a two week intensive course.

St. Thomas's in Salisbury... I managed to take one nice picture in the rain!

Needless to say, I think the day would have been far more enjoyable had I stayed in Stratford and seen Warwick Castle.  Alas, I haven’t yet invented time travel, so here I am in Salisbury instead.  Tomorrow I’ll do the last of my touristy adventuring and head forlornly back to London.   Okay, I might not actually be forlorn because the first activity of the course is a tour of Bloomsbury, the land of Virginia Woolf, my OTHER literary hero.  But I won’t be overly pleased for my adventure to end.

I can’t really believe that I’ve already been in Europe for a month, or that in just two short (and very busy) weeks I’ll be back home in the sweltering, humid Boston summer.  Can’t I please just stay in England?  Why finish graduate school when I could be languidly reading Shakespeare while I drift along the Avon River in the boat I’ll surely buy myself?  Or why finish graduate school when I could be perfecting a whole array of British accents (and Scottish and Irish while I’m at it)?  Or why finish graduate school when I could be … here?

Okay, okay, sure, maybe I should finish graduate school so that I have a semi-marketable skill which might enable me to be solvent.  How’s this then: I finish graduate school and run screaming back to England.  At the very least: I apply for positions in the UK as I near the end of my graduate program.  Reasonable?  Good, great.  Get ready.  Besides, there is still way too much fun to be had in Boston for me to abandon ship a year early.


§ One Response to The end, and ramblings

  • David says:

    Thanks for these wonderful travelogues Abby. Love your writing- so clear and descriptive. I hear your voice as I read. That’s a good thing I’m pretty sure, though I am practically illiterate. D’OH!

    Nice photography too.

    What a brilliant idea to finish your grad program and look for positions in the UK.

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