First Things First

June 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

I have some catching up to do, it seems, so be prepared for multiple posts today, folks.  I’ll start at the beginning (well, sort of) and tell you about last Friday.

Friday started out pretty mellow, with the plan to take a quick trip into Gijon to run some quick errands.  Although it was still a very quick trip, it became much more interesting when I found myself a great pair of espadrilles.  They’re manufactured here in Spain, so buying them here is far less expensive than buying them just about anywhere else.  I suppose a new pair of shoes was pretty unnecessary in the grand scheme of things, but heck, I’m on vacation, right?

Errands run, we returned home for lunch, which was a delicious Japanese-inspired salmon and leek dish invented by my aunt.  Yum!  I, yet again, neglected to take a picture. :(  The rest of the afternoon was uneventful, but we spent the night out on the town so I could catch a glimpse of Gijon nightlife.  We called it a night pretty early, but I still got a feel for what it’s like.

We started at a bar on the beach (the name of which none of us know) which was populated by all sorts of different people.  There were couples dressed to the nines and drinking beers and cocktails, young parents eating dinner with their baby in a stroller, beach bums wandering in off the sand, and one guy wearing a neoprene wetsuit.  The range of dress and attitude was huge, which surprised me because the atmosphere of the place indicated that it was perhaps geared toward a young, trendy crowd.  It certainly wasn’t a place where anyone would ever feel uncomfortable of inappropriately attired, since it seems like just about anything goes.

Gijon at night (and blurry) - the view from our bar.

From there we wandered toward an area called “La Ruta” or “La Ruta del Vino” – the wine route.  This is a section of town populated with dozens and dozens of bars where people go to, brace yourself, drink wine!  Many of these establishments have tables out in the streets outside their doors, so the whole street is filled with people standing and sitting at tall tables with their glasses of wine.  We were on the earlier end of the nightlife scene, so the streets weren’t particularly packed, but it was easy to see that they would be.

We went to a place called La Farandula, which, if I’ve understood correctly, is a term used for artsy people.  This place was a bit higher class than the first bar, and dress was more uniformly nice (although not particularly formal).  Here we had another glass of wine and some food to share amongst us.  One dish was a piece of toast with two teensy tiny fried eggs (from, I think, a small game bird called a cordoniz) and pieces of sausage on top.  Dishes like this (served on a piece of toast) are called tostas; can you guess why?  We also had a dish of smoked cheese with anchovies and roasted peppers, which was completely delicious.

After La Farandula, we decided to head home, but not before stopping for some takeout tiramisu from my aunt and uncle’s favorite pizzeria.  Tiramisu is my aunt’s favorite dessert, and, she claims, knowing where to get takeout tiramisu is really the only thing you need in any city.


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